Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

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Be Prepared: Ask the Right Questions When Looking for a New Roofing Company

Whether you are needing a new roof installation or are just looking for repairs, you want to make sure you are hiring a reputable contractor. Roof repairs and installations can cost a lot of money to begin with. You wouldn’t want to have to pay even more money to have a lousy job fixed by another contractor. To ensure the job gets done right the first time, use this guide of helpful questions to ask before hiring a roofing contractor.

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roofer

When it’s time to have your roof repaired or when you need a new installation, make sure to ask these questions. Screening a couple of different contractors or companies over the phone will help you make a more informed decision. These questions will help you determine their credibility as well as their work ethic and expertise.

1. Do You Hold a Current License?

Why You Want To Ask: While every state is different, most do require roofing contractors to be licensed. Both Washington and Oregon require contractors to be licensed, but the type of license may vary. To be sure you are hiring a properly licensed company or contractor, do the research for the specific area that you live in before asking.

Answer You Want to Hear: Yes. Plain and simple. Even better if they give more explanation. Feel free to ask them to elaborate if they don’t.

What You Don’t Want to Hear: Hesitation or answers that are unclear. If you are in doubt, ask for proof. If they have nothing to hide, they should be willing to email you a copy.

2. What Type of Insurance Do You Have?

Why You Want To Ask: Liability insurance covers expenses incurred from damage to your property. You want to make sure they have this. If something goes wrong on the job, you do not want to be the one to end up footing the bill. It’s also a good idea to check for workman’s comp insurance as well. Some contractors have been known to skimp on workman’s comp to save a little money. However, if one of the workers gets injured on your property and they don’t have workman’s comp, you could be the one to end up paying their medical bills.

Answer You Want to Hear: Yes, and again, it’s even better if they give you more detail. There are different levels of liability insurance. Just because they have insurance, doesn’t mean that it covers much. Do your research ahead of time to see if your area requires a specific amount of coverage.

What You Don’t Want to Hear: An indecisive or hesitant response. Either they have it, or they don’t. They could be a little less familiar with the specific coverage amount, so don’t rule them out right away if they don’t know. Just ask them to email you a copy for proof.

3. Who Will Be Present During the Project?

Why You Want To Ask: Any reputable roofing company or contractor should have a project manager that can be onsite for the duration of the job. If they have more than one project going on at a time, they might have multiple project managers, or they could have one that is going between job sites. The thing you want to ensure is that there is someone in charge and that they are reachable if you have any questions or concerns. The last thing you want is to come home at the end of the day to find something wrong with no one in charge available.

Answer You Want to Hear: The workers, as well as a project manager or the manager of the company. There should be someone in charge present most of the time, and if they do leave for any reason, they need to be easily accessible.

What You Don’t Want to Hear: Don’t accept a response telling you that their workers are experienced and don’t require supervision. Even if that is true, any reputable company will know that they should still have someone in charge onsite in case something goes wrong.

4. What Is the Cost of Your Roofing Per Square Foot?

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Why You Want To Ask: This works somewhat like a trick question to ensure your roofing contractor is honest and ethical. It is not easy to offer a flat price as many things can factor into the end cost. While they might be able to give you an average cost of the material per square foot, they should not be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone. If they do, this could show that they only care about the bottom line or that they aren’t experienced enough to know that there are so many factors that contribute to the price.

Answer You Want to Hear: They should be forthcoming and tell you that many factors can affect the price. An honest and ethical contractor will not give you a flat rate because they know the various things that can change the cost.

What You Don’t Want to Hear: A flat price or an answer that feels like they are beating around the bush or refusing to give you any sort of fully informed response. While they obviously can’t make any guarantees without first seeing your home, refusing to provide you with any information is a sign that they might not be entirely forthcoming.

5. How Will You Protect My Property and Keep it Clean?

Why You Want To Ask: When big jobs like this are happening, it is understandable that the focus is solely on the roof. However, if the workers are careless or if they don’t use proper equipment, they could damage your landscaping or even your gutters. Asking this question is not only good for you, but it reminds roofing companies to take care when on the job.

Answer You Want to Hear: They should have large containers for disposing of your old roofing material to keep the yard clean, and ladders that won’t damage your gutters or siding. They should also say something about being mindful of your landscaping.

What You Don’t Want to Hear: Any sort of hesitation or generalized response, like “yeah, we’ll keep it clean.” Make sure they offer you specifics about the equipment used and how they will protect your property.

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At Armor Roofing & Exteriors, we take pride in our workmanship and every project we take on. We understand the importance of a job well done the first time around. Homeowners should be able to depend on quality service and a beautiful and sturdy roof for their home. Whether you need repairs or an entire roof installation, Armor Roofing & Exteriors has got you covered. For all of your roofing needs in Lake Oswego, contact us today to see how we can help you!



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