Prepare Your Roof and Gutters For Spring

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Show Your Roof Some Love

Temperatures are slowly starting to rise here in the Pacific Northwest, and spring is just around the corner. While most homeowners tend to think of doing spring cleaning on the interior of their home and yard work on the exterior, the roof is also something that you shouldn’t forget. As much as you might want to fix up your yard so you can enjoy time outdoors once the warmer weather hits, the roof usually needs a little TLC after the harsh winter months as well. You wouldn’t want to spend money on unnecessary projects if the roof might end up needing repairs. So you would be wise to have your roof inspected first before the warmer weather hits.

Roof Maintenace Tips to Prepare For Spring

Though the winters are known for being the worst of the rainy months in the Northwest, spring doesn’t mean the end of it. Along with the rain continuing, spring also brings with it several other things that can affect the roof and gutters. There are a few steps you can take to ready your roof for spring.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Your roof should be inspected twice a year – in the fall to prepare for winter and right before spring to check for any damage from winter storms and to prepare for the warmer months. Though there are some steps you can take yourself, when it comes to getting up on the roof for a full inspection, you should leave it to the professionals. Roofing contractors will have the right equipment to stay safe and know what to look for if any repairs are needed.

Check the Gutters

Roofing Contractor VancouverAfter the fall and winter months, your gutter could have accumulated leaves, pine needles, and a number of other things. When the gutters get clogged, it weighs them down and keeps water from properly draining off of the roof. If water gets backed up on the roof, it can cause water damage and start leaking into the house. Gutters that are weighed down with debris and backed up water can also start to bend and tear away from the roof. To ensure the safety of your roof and gutters, you should clean away any debris leftover before spring and summer hit.

Protect the Gutters from Future Falling Debris

In the spring, things like seeds, pods, buds, and petals from blooming trees and plants nearby will also find their way into your gutters. If your gutter guard is damaged or doesn’t have a guard at all, you should consider getting it repaired or having a new one installed. This will prevent future falling debris from accumulating and clogging things up. If you have any tree branches or overgrown bushes that hang near your gutters come spring, trimming them back can also help prevent your gutters from getting clogged up.

Clear Away Nests

Spring means the emergence of lots of little animals and critters that love to use your roof as their nesting ground. They might look cute and seem harmless, but nesting animals can dig, chew, and burrow, causing damage to your roof. Animals that are protecting a nest can also become aggressive. If you can, remove any nests you see before any eggs are laid. If eggs are already present, or if there are babies in the nest, you will need to contact a wildlife professional for help. You should not attempt to move a nest on your own that has eggs in it. Wildlife specialists will know how to handle the situation better.

Inspect Your Ceilings

While a roofing contractor will inspect the exterior of your roof, you should additionally check the interior of your home for signs of water damage. Even knowing what to look out for, a roofing contractor could miss something that is not apparent right away. If you notice any signs of a leak in the ceiling of your home, you should inform a roofing professional. If they know there is a leak inside, it can help them understand where and what to look for on your roof.

Be Prepared For Needed Repairs

Costly repairs can throw anyone into a panic. Before you start worrying, however, you should check to see if there is still a warranty for the roof. Homeowners are often misinformed and will fork out the money for repairs without checking their warranty first. Lots of companies offer lifetime or extended warranties that can cover the cost of a number of roof repairs.  Make sure you are fully aware of what you do or do not need to pay for before having repairs done.

How Armor Roofing and Exteriors Can Help

When it comes time to inspect your roof, homeowners want quality and professionalism they can count on. Armor Roofing has been the go-to roofing contractor in Clark County, Washington, for over 25 years. Our team of experts takes pride in providing the Pacific Northwest with quality service, products, and repairs. For more information on how Armor Roofing and Exteriors can help you, contact us today!



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