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Metal Roofing WashougalMetal roofing in Washougal is a frequent roof option for commercial properties and is quickly gaining popularity among Washougal residents. Dependable and long lasting, metal roofing can last for years even through fire, high winds, and water. Metal roofing is quicker and easier for a roofing contractor to install compared to traditional roofs. This means homeowners will save money on labor costs. Metal roofing does generally cost more than other roofing materials but it is well worth the price. This type of roofing is an investment and one that will last for years and years.

Personalized Style
Traditional asphalt shingle roofs are typically available in about 20 colors. But with metal roofing you can find over 100 color options to choose from. Because they are made from either steel or aluminum the manufacturers have the ability to change their colors more easily than other materials. This allows you to put a little more customization on your home. And depending on the style of your home you also have the choice between vertical panels or interlocking metal shingles. This type of roofing provides a much wider variety of choices.

Anticipated Life-span
When people think about metal roofing and its benefits, generally the first one to come to mind is the longevity. Metal tends to be a long lasting material that can easily withstand the forces of nature. A typical metal roof will last about 50 years, you can increase this to almost 100 years with the proper care and maintenance and with an alloy coating made from aluminum and zinc. Making these types of roofs last many years more than other materials.

Weather Resistance
The durability of metal roofing is also one of its prized characteristics. The Pacific Northwest can throw some pretty harsh weather at us sometimes but metal roofing can resist it all. Rain, snow and wind will not damage metal roofing. Even winds up to 140 miles per hour which is double the speed of hurricane force winds. These roofs are built to withstand all of that year after year.

Fire Resistance
Metal Roofing WashougalMetal is the best material to withstand the heat and force of fire. Having a metal roof is extra protection from fires and might even get you a discount on your insurance if you tell them that you installed a metal roofing system.

Alleviate of Setup
Laying down shingle after shingle is not only time consuming but costly when considering labor costs. Metal roofing comes in large sections of about seven feet which allows the roof to be installed quicker and easier. Minimizing the work for the roofing contractors and, in turn, minimizing the labor costs for you. In case of emergencies and the need for a new roof is immediate a metal roof is perfect and can be installed much faster than a traditional roof.

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Armor Roofing has been serving Washougal and the surrounding area for over 25 years. We approach every job with the utmost professionalism, craftsmanship, and promise to take care of your home. We fix, replace, and install everything from industry-leading shingles, to flat roofing on industrial structures. Armor Roofing ensures an unparalleled degree of client, quality, and experience interactions that you will not find anywhere else. Armor Roofing is licensed bonded and guaranteed in Washington and Oregon and provide full roofing services Washougal and the greater Portland Metro location. We provide commercial and residential roofing in Vancouver, Clackamas, Clark County, Lake Oswego, Camas, and Oregon City! Call us today to set up a risk-free assessment for all your roof requires. We offer totally free estimates and can help you decide what kind of roof services and products will best match your requirements, today, tomorrow and well into the future!

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