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Metal Roofing CamasMetal roofing in Camas is a popular choice for commercial properties and is gaining appeal among residential roofing. Long-lasting and resilient, metal roofing can endure through fire, high winds, and water, lasting for decades. Metal roofing is quick to install, meaning that installation is less expensive, conserving labor costs. While the general expense is still greater than some other types of roofing, it is well worth the investment considering how long it lasts. Unlike wood roofing, metal roof will not crack or warp when exposed to negative weather condition like snow or hail. There is a reason why metal roofing is becoming more popular with residential housing, there are many reasons actually.

Benefits of Metal Roof

Variety of Styles
Although the majority of metal roofs are constructed of one of two metals (steel or aluminum), modern-day metal roofs can be found in more than 100 colors– some standard, some premium and some personalized. That’s even more variations than asphalt shingles, which only have about 20 basic colors. Depending upon the architectural design of your house, you can also decide to choose from either vertical metal panels or interlocking metal shingles.

Extended Lifespan
Durability is one of the chief reasons to choose a metal roofing. It is not uncommon for a metal roof to last 50 years or perhaps longer with the correct maintenance, and the normal metal roofing system lasts between 3 and 7 times longer than an average asphalt shingled roofing system. Steel roofing can even be coated with an alloy of aluminum and zinc to extend its lifespan to upwards of 100 years.

Weather Resistance
Metal roofs are better than the average shingled roofs when it pertains to protecting your home from the snow, rain and wind. Resistant to wind up to a 140 mile per hour. That’s almost double the speed that sets off a cyclone force wind warning.

Fire Resistance
Metal Roofing CamasIt is no surprise that metal roofs are resistant to fire (the final fire ranking of a metal roof is typically only decreased based upon the underlying products). Some insurance companies will even provide homeowners with a discount for getting a metal roof.

Easy Installation
Metal roofing products are typically found in larger shingles or panels several feet wide each. That means an experienced contractor can install a metal roof much quicker than a traditional shingle roof, reducing both labor expenses and the interruption that re-roofing typically causes. And if your old roof has been harmed in a storm, getting a new roof as soon as possible is essential in preventing further damage to your home.

Roof Services for Camas

Armor Roofing has been serving Camas and the surrounding location for over 25 years. We aim to take on every project with the utmost professionalism, workmanship, and care for your home. We repair, replace, and set up everything from industry-leading shingles, to flat roofing on commercial buildings. Armor Roofing is licensed bonded and guaranteed in Washington and Oregon and provide complete roofing services Camas and the greater Portland Metro area. Situated in the eastern hilly portion of Clark County lies the City of Camas, home to approximately 21,000 residents. There are many amenities for families and visitors to the community; a vibrant, yet quaint historic downtown, approximately 60 miles of trails, which often have play areas and other family amenities at the trail-heads, hi-profile business ventures stimulating job opportunities, several hi-tech manufacturing industries, and essential to our youth, the City boasts a state-leading educational system.

The downtown Camas area is a thriving collection of small businesses, including boutique jewelry stores, art galleries, day spas, and much more. If you’re hungry, you can stop in for a bite at one of the many restaurants, ranging from traditional American diner fare to Korean, sushi, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, and upscale steakhouses or modern brewpubs. Every year various festivals and the annual farmer’s market transform this stretch of the city into a place for everyone to see the sites and enjoy fresh dining.

From its origins over 100 years ago as a paper-mill town, which still boasts a mill operated by Georgia-Pacific Corporation. Camas has expanded and successfully blended a mix of cultures, values, and vision. These qualities have been instrumental in promoting diverse economic growth, family-oriented neighborhoods, and other recreational amenities — in short, balancing the nexus between jobs, housing, and recreation. And with the growth of this beautiful city, Armor Roofing is here to help all the residents of Camas with their roofing needs. Call today!