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Flat Roof Lake Oswego, OR

Flat Roof Lake Oswego

Usually, commercial buildings will have a flat roof. After all, flat roofs allow for solar panels, AC units, and space to be utilized in a way that angled roofs can’t allow. However, flat roofs in particular can be prone to structural issues, like cracking, water intrusion, and other damage that may be caused by heavy weather, falling objects, or climate. When it comes to repairing and replacing flat roofs, Lake Oswego, Oregon property owners can rely on Armor Roofing & Exteriors to get the job done.

Who We Are

We are licensed, bonded, certified, and insured roofers in both Washington and Oregon. Our job is to equip your building with the best roof materials out there. We do everything from small repairs to full-service tear offs and replacements.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free Estimates
  • Free Inspections
  • Roof Certifications for Owners Looking to Sell

  • Honest Quotes
  • Reliable Customer Communication
  • And More!

Flat Roofing Repair Services

If your building is leaking from the ceiling, don’t wait for it to get worse. Our highly trained roofers and inspectors can home in on the source of any leaks or water intrusion coming from a flat roof.Plus, once we determine the problem, we offer services for fixing structural problems and reinforcing your roof with waterproof sheeting, flashing, shingles, and more.

Our services include:

  • Tear-Offs
  • Sheeting Replacement
  • Rot Repair

  • Leak Repair
  • Drainage
  • Storm Damage

  • Commercial and Residential Flat Roof Replacement

    Flat Roof Lake Oswego
    Most often, flat roofs that show small amounts of damage outside have even bigger problems underneath. That’s why we offer roof tear-off services and replacement. By removing your old, rotten, or damaged roofing materials with new, high-quality, and reliable membrane, moisture barriers, and sheathing, we guarantee decades of performance.

    Armor Roofing offers full-service roofing contractor services. We do replacements and installations for angled roofing as well as flat roofing for residential and commercial properties:

    • Seamless waterproofing barriers
    • Fire, Hail, and UV-Ray resistance

    • High efficiency rating
    • Code compliant, guaranteed

    We provide commercial and residential roofing in Clackamas County, Lake Oswego, Clark County, Camas, Vancouver, Washougal, and Oregon City!

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