How Long Will My Roof Last?

How often do Roofs need to be replaced?

Roofs tend to last 20 years on average, but proper maintenance and repair can potentially extend your roof’s life. The quality of your roof’s material, installation, and design also play a roll in its lifespan. External conditions like weather and climate also affect how long it takes a roof to wear out. Be sure to use roofing products that have warranty offers to safeguard from potential mishaps.

What Types of Problems Can Develop On My Roof?

What do roof leaks look like?

It’s important to hire a roofing professional like Armor Roofing if you think your roof system is developing issues. Our comprehensive inspection will spot any underlying damages that could compromise your roof. Some of these signs of damage include curling shingles, granules wearing away and bald spots emerging on your shingles, leaks in your attic, moss accumulation under your shingles, and a sagging roof.

How Do I Repair My Leaking Roof?

How do you check for roof problems?

Depending on the age of the roof, minor issues with your shingles could be the cause of a leak. If your roof is older; however, your roof may need a replacement. Be sure to calmly and carefully explain your leaking issue to your professional roofing contractor so they can plan a repair based on the extent of your leaking damage.

Should My Roof Be Replaced or Repaired?

How do you know when it’s time to replace your roof?

Curling and broken shingles are typically simple to repair, but older roofs with major leaks or significant sagging require a full replacement. Even if you can patch your roof, it may be difficult to blend the repaired section with your existing roof. In this case, an entire replacement may be better than a repair.

What is Roof Underlayment?

Is roof underlayment necessary?

Felt paper rests underneath your shingles to protect the interior of your roof from water damage. If the wood under the roof felt becomes wet, you will likely need to replace it.

What is Involved in a Roof Replacement?

What does getting a new roof mean?

A full roof replacement requires a “tear-off” of your existing roof. A tear-off means that your current system will need to be removed to allow for a new installation.

What Type of Roof Should I install?

What material do I need for roofing?

Your roof should complement the consistent style of your entire home. You should also consider things like the lifespan of the roof, the slope, local building codes, and the cost.

How Do I Decide on a Roofing Contractor?

What should I look for when replacing a roof?

When looking for a professional and experienced roofing contractor, it’s important to look for positive referrals. In addition to good reviews, ask for proof of extensive experience in installing and maintaining the type of roof you’d like to see in your home. Armor Roofing specializes in both large-scale and small-scale roofing in the Portland and Vancouver area.