Do Not Attempt Your Own Roof Repair: Here’s Why

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Summer is coming to us here in the Pacific Northwest, whether we’re ready for it or not. The current COVID-19 crisis has had many homeowners cooped up, working from home, for the last few months. All that time at home has plenty of people investigating their homes’ roofs and other issues, looking for needed repairs that can be completed. However, roof repairs aren’t suitable for the typical DIY-er, and here’s why.

Do Not Attempt DIY Roof Repairs

If you notice that you have a leaky roof or if a tree limb has fallen, you must understand that roof repairs should only be completed by trained contractors to avoid injury or further property damage. Here are just a couple of reasons we don’t think you should go up on your roof and fix it yourself, and not just because we’d be out of a job!

1. Fall Risk

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Before attempting to repair your roof from damage like this, understand that hiring a professional roofing contractor will save you money and time in the long run! Call Armor Roofing and Exteriors today to get started!

Even if your house is only one story tall, a fall from the roof can cause significant injury or death. An inexperienced roofer working on a project alone is a recipe for disaster. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 300 construction workers obtained a fatal injury from a fall in 2018. The fatalities included in this statistic are only from workers who fell on the job; the actual number of fatal and severe injuries due to falls in the United States is much higher. Some statistics show that more than 2,000 people, DIY-ers included, die after falling from a roof every year. Roofers have one of the highest rates of occupational fatalities and injuries in the United States. Roofing is a dangerous job; hire a professional.

2. Quality of Materials

Experienced roofing contractors, such as those at Armor Roofing and Exteriors here in Vancouver, WA, have been in the business long enough to know the best suppliers and the highest-quality materials available to complete your roof repair or replacement. Not only do they know which materials will work best for your roof, they’re able to get the materials at a discount due to the sheer amount that they order. An inexperienced DIY-er will end up spending much more on the same or lower-quality materials than a roofer will. Save your time, money, and effort and hire a roofer to complete your roofing job.

3. Warranties

Another significant benefit of working with a professional roofer is the warranties on both materials and workmanship. Here at Armor Roofing and Exteriors, we provide our clients with all manufacturer information needed to take advantage of material warranties. When a DIY-er attempts a roofing project, the only person to contact if the roof fails is… you. Take the pressure off of yourself and hire the professional roofing contractors at Armor Roofing and Exteriors for your roof repair.

4. Workmanship

Chances are (unless they’ve completed multiple roofing jobs) that the typical DIY-er doesn’t quite know what they’re doing. Trust us. Watching a YouTube video will not prepare an inexperienced homeowner for the realities of roof repair. Homeowners risk further damage to their property, as well as the risk of personal injury or death, by performing repairs they aren’t certified or trained to complete.

5. Tools

Unless homeowners already have the tools necessary to repair their roofs, it’s not typically worth the investment to purchase them. Hopefully, if the repair is performed well, those tools won’t be handy for a long time. Save your money and time and hire a professional roofing contractor to complete any work on your roof.

6. Proper Assessment of Damage

Even experienced roofing contractors can have trouble locating the exact source of a leak. Unless the damage to your roof is visible to the naked eye, such as a hole from a tree branch or some other debris, it’s unlikely that an inexperienced homeowner will be able to address all problem areas with one repair. This inexperience means that homeowners may end up spending far more time and money fixing their roofs than if they’d hired a professional roofing contractor in the first place.

The roofing contractors at Armor Roofing and Exteriors perform a comprehensive assessment and roof inspection before every job. That way, we know that we are giving our clients the best possible service and repair.

7. Insurance

Keep in mind that performing your roof repairs may void your existing home insurance policy. Insurance companies often have language in their customer agreements that prohibit performing your repairs, or you risk losing your coverage for future roof repairs. For example, if you regularly perform your own roofing repairs but end up needing a roof replacement due to significant storm damage, your insurance company may not honor your claim if they find out you’ve been performing your own repairs. If you hire professional roofing contractors, such as the team at Armor Roofing and Exteriors in Vancouver, WA, you can rest assured that your roof repair is completed correctly and with excellent craftsmanship.

How Can Armor Roofing and Exteriors Help You?

If you’re looking for high-quality roof repair and other roofing services, look no further than the trained professionals at Armor Roofing and Exteriors. We have contactless payment and service options available so that we can safely serve our customers while protecting our employees. Call now for information on our financing options and to schedule your roof inspection!



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